Monday, June 13, 2011

On Frugality and a Simple Lifestyle

A GUEST POST by Anonymous

This is my (Investor Juan's) bike. 
She and I have a love affair,
but I've never ridden her while wearing a suit and tie.

Yes, it is the "want" part and not the "need" part
That gets us all into a tight spot
Some of the things we own, we need
The rest is what we want
Just for "show off"

So we buy things we don't really want
With money we don't really have
To impress people we don't really care about

There is a Dutch saying that goes like this:
"I won't buy a new car, just to let my neighbor see me wash it"
Been to Holland, and it is common to see people there riding a bike to work
I even saw a guy in a suit complete with a necktie riding a bike!!!

That's frugality and simplicity applied

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