Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Economics of Beauty

It seems that some of you should just stop whatever it is you're doing: it is all for naught. It turns out that beauty and good looks are a significant determinant of happiness and success. According to this study by economist Daniel S. Hamermesh, "plain people" earn less than the average-looking people, who in turn earn less than the good looking ones, regardless of gender. What's more, unattractive women are more likely to be unemployed and marry "men with less human capital" (economist-speak for poor, lazy slobs). Here's Dr. Hamermesh in the flesh, as he discusses this prevalent form of employer discrimination on The Daily Show.

Of course, all this is related to Dr. Hamermesh's other study that shows how more attractive university instructors and professors are rated significantly higher by students. Should I show you how highly my students rated me when I was still teaching? :P

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