Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Manuel Amalilio, Aman Futures Group Updates

IN THE NEWS from Interaksyon

Photo of Manuel Amalilio taken at Kota Kinabalu airport on January 25, 2013,
taken while he was in the custody of Philippine officials. From Interaksyon

Ten weeks ago, we were greeted by bad news that some of our kababayans down south fell victim to an investment scam allegedly perpetrated by a Mr. Manuel Amalilio and his Aman Futures Group investment company. In this follow-up post, we'll take a look at recent developments about the case.

According to the latest reports, Amalilio is now confined in a hospital in Malaysia where he also faces criminal charges. This comes after news that NBI agents were able to arrest Amalilio in Malaysia and were about to bring him to the Philippines, only to be prevented from boarding a plane at the last minute by Malaysian police. One very interesting detail is that evidently, a group of Amalilio's investor-victims were able to track and confront him in Kota Kinabalu, which led to his arrest by NBI agents.

Overall, I find these updates to be highly encouraging that the victims of the scam will at least get justice, if not part of their investment. Let's all remain vigilant and hope that authorities will not screw this up.

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