Sunday, August 4, 2013

And Not a Single F Was Given

I'm here, so I know very little about what's going on. But it seems that either my Facebook contacts are even more clueless about the situation--or they do know but they just could not be bothered. And I guess my FB world reflects society-at-large, if netizen Kira's comment is any indication.

What can we do, indeed? Well, first we try not to surrender to a feeling of helplessness--or worse, apathy. The least we can do is be aware, be concerned, and be informed. Then we can start having conversations about the topic: online, offline, out of line, take your pick. And maybe only then can we be adequately equipped to take action and do whatever we think is best for ourselves, for our families, for our country--in no particular order.

Kira's comment comes from this post about the Janet Napoles case in the blog "Mom and Pop Moments." The article itself is a good read, but you'll find some of the comments more revealing, to say the least. And perhaps the post is the best place to start. I'm not saying all the comments are accurate or sensible, but some are definitely worth reading because at least will make you think. And I believe it's worth saving some of these comments (there are others that I have deliberately excluded but are still worth reading, just scroll further down, you won't miss them), for posterity if nothing else.

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