Thursday, June 17, 2010

4 Reasons Why I Decided to Change the Look of the Site

1. Only "old bloggers" still use the Minima template.

With all due respect to Professor Mankiw, of course. But those old Blogger templates always make me want to jump ship to Word Press.

2. I got sucked into trying Blogger's new Template Designer.

I always try out new Google features whenever they come out, being the hardcore Google fanboi that I am. Nevertheless, I was quite impressed by the functionality, simplicity, and elegance of the new Blogger Template Designer. It's perfect for every kind of blogger out there: those who don't care too much for full customization can just choose from a number of new templates, automatically see a preview at the bottom pane, and finalize changes with a click of a button; more meticulous individuals can knock themselves out trying out an infinite number of fully-customized looks by tweaking design parameters like layout, background, and page element attributes. 

3. The Awesome Inc. Watermark Picture Window Awesome Inc. (this one's final... for now) template (the one you see now) just seemed like a perfect fit for Investor Juan.

Don't you think so?

4. Changing the look of the blog might help get me out of this writing slump.

Yes, some of you might have already noticed that I've been having trouble writing new articles since late May, either because I've been too busy with school work or because I've been going out too frequently on weekends. We're it not for Sam's questions last week, I don't know where I would have gotten the inspiration and material for June posts.

Fortunately, I think this strategy of changing the look of the blog to stimulate my thinking is starting to work. I have spent most of last night mentally planning my next few posts; I just hope that I can successfully translate these "mental plans" into actual articles in the next few days.
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