Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One Year and Counting :)

Logo mock-up by my student, Gui

Who would've thought we'll last this long?

It wouldn't have been possible without the help of friends, old and new: all those who made comments, asked questions, and made discussions informative and lively (Tin, Henry, Jade, and Anonymous, just to name a few); all those who shared their experiences and wisdom with posts and contributions (Kat, Ange, Billy, Hap, and Sedfrey); all my friends, colleagues, and students for the support; all those who follow, subscribe to, and share links from this blog; all those who patiently spend a few minutes, nine times each month, reading my posts; and finally, my girlfriend who is always there to inspire and support me in every thing I do.

To everyone, my sincerest THANK YOU. Here's to another informative and prosperous year ahead of us...

...and a quick look at the year that has been.

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