Monday, April 4, 2011

Price Tag (The Price of Happiness Redux)

For those who have been waiting for Part 2 of the PLDT - Digitel - JG Summit article, you would have to wait a few more days. I think we've all received a large, unhealthy serving of telco goodness over the past couple of weeks, so now's a good time to give that topic a much-needed few-days rest. Don't worry, in all likelihood, Digitel's stock price will remain just a whisker under 1.60 the rest of the week, or until more significant developments unfold.

On an unrelated note, I'm sure by now you have already seen this video; and if the ratings are any indication, you most probably hate it, hate her, and have already lost all hope for her generation. Still, you watch it over and over again, dumbfoundedly amazed at how the video has managed to rack up millions and millions of views week after week after week.

If you've already gotten tired of that (as you should already have, jeesh), here's something that should be a welcome relief, and a source of renewed hope for the young 'uns.

The singer in this video, Maddi Jane, just covers the song, but her version is far better than the original (I've seen it, and it's so bad I wouldn't even bother you with the link). So let's all just imagine that the song is hers and that we're all learning a bit of life-wisdom from this very talented 11-year old.

Yes, more than being a billionaire or a rock star, life is about the things money can't buy, trite as that may sound. For example, I realized just now how much I value friendship and loyalty, and how hard it is to find people you can rely on to always have your back (and not stab it) since, almost always, they will disappoint you in the end. I mean, if you can't trust people you've known, people you've been close friends with, for more than a decade, who can you trust?

Eventually, you would just have to look for the things you value in other people, in those who would greatly value what you have to offer, in turn. Starting over is definitely bittersweet: on a certain level, it's sad to have to see things end, but in a sense it's also good to have it happen while there's still time to make up for whatever's lost.

Yes, that young lady is right. It's not about the money, it's all about wanting to make the world dance. 
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