Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spent: A Practice Run for Real Life

I recently came across a simple online game called "Spent." You start the month with $1,000 and are asked to make simple real-world decision each day. The objective is to last the month without going bankrupt as each decision you make impacts your financial position.

While various details are tailor-made for Americans (e.g., incomes and expenses are expressed in US dollars, there are some circumstances Filipinos would not ordinarily find themselves in), anyone would be able to relate to the myriad of decisions that come with every day life. With each decision, you see the degree to which your financial position deteriorates--because certainly, that's the reality many of us face every day. In the middle of the game, don't be surprised if you find yourself being asked--forced really--to make a decision you know you would not even consider in real life. Maybe that's the point of the game: that life sometimes gives us bad cards, and that regardless, we should always play the hand that we're dealt the best that we can. That, and how many of the "small costs" that we take for granted could quickly add up to a lot.

Try it and see if you'll last a month.

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