Monday, June 18, 2012

Free Online "Introduction to Statistics" Class


In previous posts, we lightly touched on statistical concepts like the mean or average (in computing for investment returns) and standard deviation (in estimating risk). Unfortunately for a lot of us who are "allergic" to numbers, the theory and practice of prudent financial management is steeped in statistical and econometric lore. Fortunately, a recent growing interest in the industry and academe to provide meaningful and free online education has resulted in initiatives like Udacity, which now provides a free online statistics class: Introduction to Statistics (ST101) - Making Decisions Based on Data.

The course will be facilitated by Sebastian Thrun, a Professor at Stanford University and a Google Fellow. According to the course description, no prior background in statistics is necessary, which I'm sure is perfect for a lot of us.

So if you want to up your proficiency in investment and financial management, or just make better decisions in whatever situation, I suggest that you take this course with me. I can discuss the assignments with you, but I won't let you copy from me, hahaha.

The course starts on June 25, 2012, so enroll now. See you all in class!

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