Sunday, September 30, 2012

Anonymous Indignation

We Filipinos love the Internet. We share quotes, memes, photos, jokes, interesting reads, and funny videos on Facebook. We tweet the little things we do, what we eat, our thoughts, our ideas, our witticisms. We share, we like, we comment, we poke (I'm not so sure, do people still do this)? Maroon 5, the Azkals, and Oppa Gangnam Style make you happy, and stupid senators and epal politicians make us angry, and people like Jesse inspire us and make us proud to be Filipinos. The Internet divides us during elections and over UAAP games but unites us during catastrophes. We are loud and we are proud of the things we hear, do, and say online... right?

But then why are we so quiet about this?

And why does this article have 25 comments and 609 likes while this only has 7 comments (13 including replies) and 153 likes?

It's okay, these are rhetorical questions after all, so you don't really have to answer. Maybe it does not really matter, maybe there's no reason not to be quiet... and maybe in the end we will just get what we deserve.

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