Monday, September 10, 2012

Investor Juan v3.0


It's about time.

In a little less than two years, the old design had become just that--old.

It's about time I realized that my "artistry" has its limitations.

And it's about time I started paying a professional to improve the look (and credibility) of this website. As my favorite philosopher has been known to say: "Sometimes you have to pay a premium for the good things in life." Fortunately, in this case the premium is actually pretty reasonable.

This design was made by my former student, Lisha. She does good designs, works fast, and charges reasonably. If you're interested, check out her Facebook page. (By the way, I'm not paying for the design with this plug, but with REAL money.)

AND, I found out just now as I am writing this, that I have already used up the 1 GB storage quota (which I use for blog images) for my Google accounts. Now I have to pay 2.49 USD a month to upgrade to 25 GB, which isn't that bad, really...

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